Prof. Dr. Jean Francois BERRET
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Prof. Dr. Jean Francois BERRET

University of Paris, France, EU

Position: Director of the research at the CNRS (Laboratoire Matière et Système Complexes), University of Paris (France)

Specialization: Soft Matters and Biophysics

At the NANOCON´22 conference Prof. Jean-Francois Berret will present the plenary lecture "Controlling Nanomaterial Interfaces in Nanomedicine Applications".

Personal Background and Education:
Dr. Jean-François Berret (1959) born in Tanger (Marocco) is an alumnus of the Ecole Normale Supérieure ENS-ULM in Paris with a specialization in physics. In the 1988 he received his Ph.D. degree in Solid-state Physics (Montpellier, France). He was a postdoctoral fellow in the Mainz University (Germany) and in the University Montpellier (France).

He joined the Centre National de la Recherche Scientifique in 1983 at the age of 24, became CNRS research director in 1999 and was promoted to CNRS research director first class in 2011. He worked 4 years in the United States (2000–2004) for the Rhodia® company.

Research Interests:
His current research focuses on the development of soft matter nanotechnology, including new functional structures, devices and systems with stimuli-reactive features at the nano – and microscale. His objectives are the applications of emerging nanotechnologies in medicine, biology and the environment. Applications include in vivo imaging and therapy tools, microfluidics and microrheology, and the study of living system-machine interfaces.

In the field of soft matter his research interest is particularly focused on coating nanoparticles for nanomedicine applications: innovative solutions to be developed in surface coating-functionalization to control nanomaterial interfaces with biological fluids, cells and tissues. His next research direction is tailoring nanoparticle interfaces and functionalization. In collaboration with the company Specific Polymers his team synthesized functional polymers that can be applied to a wide range of metallic surfaces and be supplied in large amounts.

Summary of publication activity:
More than 170 referred papers; H-index: 59; more than 9.600 citations on Google Scholar;
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